Danjek Kennel


Danjek´s Zeus & Lola, owned by the Catchatori family in Quebec.

Danjek´s Ruby, owned by the Zwicker/Guirguis family in Quebec.

Danjek´s Pepper, owned by the Nguyet Ngo family in Quebec.

Nap time in the Jack household. Danjek´s Penny & Rolo, owned by the Jack family in Quebec.

Danjek´s Mia, owned by the Cloutier family in Quebec.

Danjek´s Leo, owned by the Passannante family in Ontario.

Isabella and Fritz's litter.

Danjek´s Gus, owned by the Gunville/Marmite family in Quebec.

These kids are having a wonderful time playing with Sophia's litter.

Danjek´s Chaos, owned by the Johnson family in Minnesota.

Danjek´s Zoe, owned by the Baute family in Rhode Island, lounges around like the diva she is.

Danjek´s Vito, owned by the Panone family in Quebec, is sitting at the big boy table now.

Danjek´s Ralphie, owned by the Barker family in Quebec, is more of a Portuguese Snow Dog.

Danjek´s Nova, owned by the Nice family in New Brunswick, guards the parcels.

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