Danjek Kennel

Photos, photos, photos...

Maggie, in 2011, is just the cutest.

Chico looking very handsome following his haircut.

Smile for the camera!

Ziva on a teeter-totter.

King of the castle. Well, king of the living room, anyway.

Leo makes himself at home in the laundry basket.

Danjek´s Mackenzie, owned by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and family, playing with her best friend.

Diego, Lola and Lexi eagerly awaiting treats.

Nine pups in a row.

The lovely Penny, owned by the Chislett family.

This is Selah, posing in a most regal manner.

Ethan and a passel of puppies.

The handsome Ben, owned by the Christophe family in Ontario.

Cali, who appears unsure a modeling career was the right choice, is owned by the Corber family in Quebec.

This is Jazmin, owned by the Shiender family in Alberta.

Jessica with Sophia, owned by the Conrad family in Vermont.

Lima (serious) and Lima (silly), owned by the Todd family in Colorado.

Oskar, owned by the Paquin family in Quebec, spends the day at the park.

Looking up, way up... is Sprocket, owned by the Granter family in Newfoundland.

Doing his best impression of a plush toy is Tito, owned by the Siclari family in New Jersey.

At play and relaxing with his best friend, is Tom, owned by the Galpin family in New Brunswick.

Loving the outdoors is Vasco, owned by the Ptack.Abish family in Quebec.

This is Wilson, owned by the Cervetti family in Quebec.

Hard at play and then resting up at home, is Sweetie Pie, owned by the Van Gent family in the Netherlands.

Sophia and Oliver, owned by Marrianne & Danielle in Ontario, lounging, looking and lying.

Cosmo, owned by Jimmy and family in Quebec... Me? In the pool? No, what makes you think that?

Kassie, owned by Gary and family in Nova Scotia, just chillin'.

Duncan, owned by Lara and family in New Brunswick, rockin' the bow tie look.

Winston, owned by the Spier family in Rhode Island, is a big softy.

Sophie, owned by the McCabe family in New Brunswick, gets 'roped' into posing for a Christmas photo.

Finn, owned by Sandra and family in Quebec, hangs around the kitchen, hoping for a snack.

Calli and Zahra, owned by the Corber family in Quebec, are two very well behaved dogs.

Holly, owned by the Dougherty family in Quebec, sitting pretty.

Brooke, owned by the Gagnon family in Quebec, is just the cutest.

Hershey, owned by the Godo family in Quebec, is a handsome boy.

Tarragh, owned by Father Joe, in Alberta, is a happy-go-lucky sort of fellow.

Jazmin, owned by the Rosen family in Quebec, loves to explore the great outdoors.

Some days are just made for napping on the comfy sofa. Lace is owned by the Feraco family in Ontario.

Leo, owned by the Dupuis family in Quebec, enjoys the winter weather as much as the summer.

Rocky, owned by the Miziolek family in Quebec, is hanging around with his best friend.

Doc with Sunny, owned by the Diperity family in Idaho, are both on their best behavior.

Lewis, owned by the Jefferson/Anthony family in Newfoundland, looking very handsome.

Harrison, owned by the Pulper family in North West Territories, is winning hearts everywhere he goes.

Sweetie Pie, owned by the Van Gent family in the Netherlands, is truly a little girl's best friend.

Beatrice, owned by Michelle and family, in Virginia, is too comfy to give up her bed.

Little Duncan, here, is doing his best impersonation of a stuffed toy.

Duke, owned by the Sweet family in Ontario, enjoys the autumn colours.

Amaretta, owned by the Dwyhajlo family in Quebec, lounges on the back porch steps.

Daisy, owned by the McAllister family in New Brunswick, is very photogenic.

Doc & Petey, owned by the McLaughlin Family in New Jersey, are best friends.

Ethan and Diego, each doing their favorite thing!

Georgie, owned by the Morris family in Quebec, before and after a grooming.

Georgie, owned by the Morris family in Quebec, showing a major growth spurt from the top half of this image to the bottom.

Henry, owned by the King family in Nova Scotia.

Leo, owned by the Dupuis family in Quebec, is enjoying his summer by the pool.

Lewis, owned by the Jefferson family in Nova Scotia, giving a tour of his home.

Mira and her little friend, owned by the Gaskin family in Ontario, are figuring out who the boss is. So far, it isn´t looking good for Mira.

Mylo, owned by the Lalonde family in Ontario, is going on another adventure in the car.

Roscoe, owned by the Donovan family in Nova Scotia.

Summer, owned by the Boyle family in Quebec, shown in photos taken about a year apart.

These three pups are clearly planning an adventure, traveling by steamer trunk.

Trudeau, owned by the Adam´s family in Newfoundland.

The many faces of Zeus, owned by the Cacciatore family in Quebec.

Zoe, owned by the Baute family in Rhode Island, is always up for a quick tennis match.

Lexi, owned by Danjek Kennel.

Vasco, owned by the Abish family in Quebec, is the navigator on this trip.

Diego, owned by the Krupp family of Danjek Kennel, chewing on a monster donut.

Zorro, owned by the Nicolas family in Quebec, poses for a few photos.

Mylo, owned by the Lalonde family in Ontario, is the rugged, outdoors type.

Trudeau, owned by the Adam family in Newfoundland, is about to chow down on his birthday cake.

Danjek´s Cana at the table... thinks he´s getting lunch there.

Danjek´s Diego is wondering if there will be anything left for him.

Danjek´s Finley, owned and loved by the Peace-WilliamsLawrence family in Nova Scotia.

Danjek´s Hali, owned and loved by the Jakeman family in Nova Scotia.

Have Lexi and Diego caught a glimpse of Santa Claus, as he dashes off?

Danjek´s Lola and Abby, owned and loved by the Charest family in Quebec.

Danjek´s Noel, owned by the Shykula family in Alberta, catches some afternoon rays.

Danjek´s Nova, owned by the Nice family in New Brunswick, guards the parcels.

Danjek´s Ralphie, owned by the Barker family in Quebec, is more of a Portuguese Snow Dog.

Danjek´s Vito, owned by the Panone family in Quebec, is sitting at the big boy table now.

Danjek´s Zoe, owned by the Baute family in Rhode Island, USA, lounges around like the diva she is.

Danjek´s Chaos, owned by the Johnson family in Minnesota.

These kids are having a wonderful time playing with Sophia's litter.

Danjek´s Gus, owned by the Gunville/Marmite family in Quebec.

Isabella and Fritz's litter.

Danjek´s Leo, owned by the Passannante family in Ontario. Here, Leo is eight years older than he is in the right-most photo in the top row of this gallery.

Danjek´s Mia, owned by the Cloutier family in Quebec.

Nap time in the Jack household. Danjek´s Penny & Rolo, owned by the Jack family in Beaconsfield.

Danjek´s Pepper, owned by the Nguyet Ngo family in Quebec.

Danjek´s Ruby, owned by the Zwicker/Guirguis family in Quebec.

Danjek´s Zeus & Lola, owned by the Catchatori family in Quebec.