Danjek Kennel - LETTERS

Hi Adriana,

Hello Adriana,
Ralphie's transition was smooth and easy. He cried once for a total of 5 minutes the first night! He has far exceeded our expectations, he is very smart and responsive. I'm proud to say he is fully potty-trained and has been going up and down stairs for more than a week now. He is growing so fast!!! He is a great traveller, and everywhere we take him people stop us all the time. He is the talk of the town! He is one lucky boy as he gets, and is surrounded by, lots of love. We took him to the cottage last weekend and introduced him to the lake, he is still a bit unsure of the water but I am sure that will change in no time.
Overall, we are extremely happy with Ralphie and would most definitely recommend Danjek to anybody looking to get a PWD. I would also like to thank you for calling him by his name before he came home, he responded to his name almost immediately!
We are in Hudson quite often so we will definitely stop by sometime so that you can see Mr Ralphie.
Best regards,

Hi Adriana,
Hope all is well with you!
Lewis is growing like a weed and is doing great. He has been neutered the past week, and I just wanted to send along the certificate to you! Also wanted to send along a few pictures to show you how much he has grown in the past 6 months!
Lewis has been the highlight of each and every one of our days since bringing him home - he has such a great personality - Lauren and I can't imagine how we have lived our lives this far without a pal like Lewis! He's amazing.
I think he looks a lot like his dad, Diego!

Latest picture of Summer taken today! She is adorable, obedient, smart and so full of love. She has a special relationship with each of us and is spoiled rotten. I can't remember life without her!
Thank you once again Adrianna - she is perfect!
Hope all is well with you and the family!
Penny Boyle

Hi Adriana,
Mylo is doing great, and growing very fast indeed. She's getting used to her crate and getting the hang of the housetraining. Our biggest challenge at the moment is the nipping. She gets really excited and playful and wants to mouth and bite us. We're trying to be consistent with redirecting her to her chew toys and loud high-pitched squeals when she bites, but it's not very effective so far. We're also trying to squeeze her mouth firmly, as you suggested. Hopefully with consistency, she will get past this. Those little teeth are so sharp!!
She was exploring the lake at our friend's cottage. She seems to be living up to the name of her breed; she jumped right off the dock into the water! Brave girl. Gave me quite a scare, but her water instincts kicked in. She did not, however, jump back in after that; she just stayed close to the shore :-)

Just thought I would send you an adorable updated picture of Daisy. She is doing great, she is a wonderful dog and we love her very much !
Did her sister Zahra have another litter ? I know she has had one litter and you were planning on one this year and just wondering how she did.
We would love to get one of her puppies in the next few years, as we have loved Daisy's temperament and we loved her mom Sophia as well.
Hope all is well.

Mr Léo is such a great dog! Lots of energy and that's perfectly fine!

Hi Adriana,
He is 43 pounds now and still growing. He is smart and beautiful and hilarious.

Hello Adriana,
Dodger is a happy dog. He loves his standard poodle sister, Dory, who is now 9 years old. He also enjoys playing with his new cat brother, TC. He gets out with us for walks with Dory by the river and on the trails near our house. In the summer, they get to play in the water at the marina and fetch sticks in the river. Dodger has a very cute way of "talking" without actually barking or woofing. He goes "snap-snap" with his jaws in response to questions. He is a big guy now. Dodger is a good dog who gets along with other dogs and people.
Take care and thank you for Dodger, he is a wonderful dog!
Kind Regards,
Wendy and Barry,
Sudbury, Ontario

We are at Deep Creek and Beatrice had her rabies shots. All went well. She is the smartest, sweetest dog! My friends have come to visit with their dogs and Beatrice loves to play with them. She wears them out! When I put her down for a nap the other dogs sleep too! I just love her so much! She shakes, lays down, and sits on command. Next Saturday I have to be in V.A. because she starts puppy classes. Hope all is well, Adriana.
All the best!
Virginia, USA

It is very difficult to get them to sit still for a photo together. Just wanted to let you know all is well and Doc is growing like a weed! 22 lbs at his last visit. He eats and plays with gusto. He and Pete are becoming fast friends and enjoy wrestling and running around together. I am exhausted but so happy we have Doc!
My best to your family,
New Jersey, USA

Good morning, Adriana,
I wanted to let you know that Sophia and Oliver are doing great. Sophia is a more experienced canoe tripper now after a few smaller trips this summer. Another one of their unique experiences was that they, along with Bella (Marianne's parents dog), flushed out a partridge and caught it!... Well, Oliver caught it and made the kill. They seem like different dogs after that happened on a hike.... more in tune with their hunting instinct, lol. Occasionally I have our dogs meet clients. Yesterday I treated a young man with autism and I learned from his worker that he likes dogs so I brought Sophia over. It instantly calmed him so I kept her with us for the duration of the appointment. I praised Sophia after the session and told her that she's not totally retired yet, lol... She didn't seem to mind. Hope you and your family are well! Talk again soon.
Marianne & Danielle,
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Cosmo is doing great, he is at about 58 lbs., and we have more or less completed his training, which he has done very well in. He loves the water, and spent most of the summer in the pool, he also has become very good at retrieving stuff from underwater in the pool.
We are very happy to have him, and he has truly become a member of the family.
I'll keep you posted.
Jimmy R.,
Montreal, Quebec

Duncan is a healthy, happy 19lb bundle of energy. He loves everyone he meets. He is scheduled to start his second round of puppy training classes in December. We are still working on nipping as he seems to want everything in his mouth, including our hands and feet. He is a great retriever and loves to play ball. He now even drops the ball when we say "drop it." He has mastered most of the basic commands.
Breadalbane, New Brunswick

Hi Adriana,
Summer continues to grow into a gorgeous dog; we adore her. She just recently discovered Angell Woods and loves running off-leash with other dogs. We start obedience classes next week although I know she will not need many -- the training is more for me ;-) She is off to Groomies tomorrow for her first haircut!!!
Beaconsfield, Quebec

Good day, Adriana,
Sir Winston is doing great; he is all we were hoping for and more! He is goofy, yet very smart, and is picking up all the household habits. He is a hit with the autistic children he does group therapy with, after training and zoo therapy.
Thank you once again for breeding amazing companions.
Montreal, Quebec

You probably do not remember me but I got my wonderful Doggy from you in February of 2008. He was from your litter in November of 2007. I believe his mother was brown, and her name was Isabel and Doggy looks like his dad, Crusader.
We have raised him in McLean, Virginia and I take him everywhere with me. I have enjoyed him tremendously over the years. He is my constant companion.
I wanted to let you know he came down with lymphoma in February 2016 and he went through a chemo treatment protocol which was completed at the end of June. He was in remission until recently and we learned today that his cancer has re-surfaced. He responded well to his treatment the first time and we will resume it. His prognosis is that he can make it another 6 months. I am trying to take the best care possible of my best buddy. My goal, if god wills it, is that he makes it to his 10th birthday.
I wanted you to know that you provided me with a wonderful, kind, gentle and naughty boy who has been a blessing. The past 9 years with him have been the happiest years of my life. I have loads of photos of him, but wanted to share with you one of the photos that you sent me of him and others that I took in the past couple of years.
When I lose this precious dog, I will need to grieve for a while. That said, at some point I would like to travel to Quebec to your kennel and purchase another great dog.
Let me know if you have any recommendation on how long I should wait between losing my best buddy and having another wonderful Porty in my life.
All the best to you for a great 2017,
Virginia, USA

Hello Adriana,
Leo is loving and full energy. We love him dearly and he simply makes us laugh all the time. He likes his cage at night and also when we leave the house for a short period. He sleeps through the night like a very good boy. He's 80% toilet trained. Our son Nicholas and myself will go to school with Leo in January in order to be better "dog parent". The whole family simply love being with him, even with the biting! We'll get there and raise him slowly but surely.
Again, we are wishing you a wonderful 2017 with lots of love and plenty of health to you and you loved ones. Hope Abbey and Diego are doing fine?
Marie-France Dupuis,
Town of Mount Royal, Quebec

Hi Adriana,
I am seriously considering adding a new puppy to my household. We bought Winston from you 6 1/2 years ago. I love him. He spends every day, all day, with me. I've trained him as a psychotherapy dog. My clients greet him before me most days. I'll send some pictures along. I'd love to have another Brown Wavy. Gender is not important to me. Temperament is. Winston is the gentlest, calmest dog a person could ask for. Please let me know if your breeding works out. Thanks.
Kerri Spier Gaffett,
Rhode Island, USA

We brought Winston home a little over 2 years ago; we live in St Lazare just around the corner from you, Adriana, and we decided about 3-4 years ago that we were ready for a dog. We have 3 kids who are now 6, 9, and 12 years old and did quite a bit of research on different medium-sized non-shedding breeds. We were leaning towards the PWD and started doing some research on breeders, via the internet we found Danjek Kennels, we were so surprised to find out that we were just a few blocks away.
We met Abby and Diego and did more and more research and finally decided this was our breed. We have no pet allergies, however my mom does; she is fine with Winston as long as she washes her hands if ever he licks her, everyone reacts differently so it's best to spend some time with the dogs to see.
Winston is like a funny guy in a dog suit, he is so smart, and full of energy. He absolutely loves a job to do and is very willing to help and eager to learn. He is wonderful with the kids although he can be rambunctious and must be reminded to settle down at times. He adores long walks and never gets enough of running and playing.
He is crate-trained (a must, I think) and was housebroken very quickly with the crate method. I did take a week of work when he came home and those first five days or so are almost like bringing home a newborn only before you know it he is sleeping through the night!!
I did bring him to doggy school for a full year, and highly recommend that.
Thank you Danjek Kennel for a wonderful dog. We love him so much!
Zoe and family,
Saint Lazare, Quebec

Good morning, Adriana,
I trust all is well.
Kassie is doing very well, a great puppy, she listens well, (sometimes) she is walking on a loose leash now, she still does things what puppies do - she's very curious, has loads of energy and needs to spend it. She loves being around people and other dogs, she is doing very well and is at 10 kgs now, and growing fast.
I have attached a recent photo and a short video of her, we gave her a piece of carrot as a treat and you will see her reaction.
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Hello Adriana,
Wishing you and your family all the best in this new year. Hope all is well.
We are enjoying our big puppy. He is a very good natured dog and has the most serene eyes and expression. He has quite the appetite. Loves food and anything that is on his path. He is a little over 60 lbs and still a goofy pup. He is really a remarkable dog and everyone we meet say he has the most amazing coat color and softest eyes. We started training him in August and he listens and obeys to the basic commands. He is a wonderful walking companion which makes it so much easier because he loves being outdoors.
I have attached pictures and the proof of canine castration as per your contract. He was just as playful as usual the day after as if nothing had happened. He is a very happy-go-lucky dog.
Thanks again for this wonderful addition to our family.
Cervetti Family

Hi Adriana,
Just wanted to update you on how Chewie is doing. First, potty training did not work out for us. Maybe because of the renovation we are having but we still have accidents in the house 1 or 2 times a day. She is a very smart dog, though, and knows when she does go outside she gets a treat. Not sure what the disconnect is but we're working on it.
We are in puppy training classes now and guess who is with us??? Yes, Kenzie! Crazy, eh? The owner of the school is her trainer...small world. She was able to tape some playtime with the sisters, so I thought I'd share some video with you, enjoy!
Take care,

This is Frank Conrad, the father of Sophia Grace Conrad and I think also the father of Jessica Grace, one of your pups.
Jessica turned 3 this year. She still had some puppy traits but is fully bonded with Sophia. Sophie and Jessica live with me but she has won over Sophie's mother who does not like dogs.
Again, I am grateful for your skills as breeder because we have a healthy, happy delightful dog.
If the time comes and you wish to retire Sahra we would be interested in her. Jessica will be at the age where she needs a companion. If your retirement is every four years, Sophia will be off to college and I know Jessica will miss her. Another dog would be good for her.
I trust your family is well and your business goes well. We are well here and Sophia is a normal 13 year old and Jessica has made her responsible in so many ways. I hope a picture is attached. This is a classic position of Sophie and Jessica. When Sophie studies Jessica tries to learn what she is learning because her head is always in Sophie lap.

Hi Adriana!
Just a quick update to say Summer is doing so very well! We adore her & she is adjusting so well to life with the family:)) She continues to surprise me with how smart she is & quick to learn new tasks. She is so gentle & social with kids in the neighbour & other dogs. We are very proud of her!
Please feel free to use us as a recommendation! I will send some more pictures once I upload them to the computer from my camera -- feel free to crop me out of the one below, lol!!

Hi Adriana,
Tom is doing amazing. He is a great family dog. :) He is tiny for his breed, 30lbs or so, but it's a perfect size for our toddler and our friends with young kids.
Sarah and Math

Hi Adriana,
Hope all is well. Just wanted to update you a bit on Tito. He's doing beautifully. He still sleeps through the night and has done that since the day we brought him home, so kudos to you for whatever you did in the first weeks of his life.
At his first visit with the vet in April he weighed in at a little over 10 pounds and yesterday I weighed him in at 15. Except for an accident here and there, he is doing well with potty training. We started a puppy training class last Saturday and he did great! He knows how to sit, wait, and leave anything I drop in front of him, all of course for a treat. I'm getting a handle on the nipping by tethering him to a doorknob for a short timeout to calm him down. It seems to happen when he gets over-excited, so its a matter of calming him down before he gets too crazy. All in all, he's a sweet pup and we're glad to have some life back in the house.
Stay well,

Selah is doing great. She certainly has lots of energy but we love her and so does everyone who meets her. She is affectionate, loyal and beautiful! We actually moved to Orlando, Florida last year but are still more than willing to chat with the Smiths. We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with you and the Danjek Kennel, as well as how great a pet PWD's are. Selah is the only dog who has ever made me consider having two dogs at once :)
If you want to send them our email contact and any photos attached please feel free. They can ask any questions at all or arrange a call.
Thanks again for our beautiful Selah. She is very loved. I have attached some photos and a video of Miss Selah...she is living the dream for sure, kids to love, swimming everyday and sun to relax in. Oh to be a dog :)
Mari Lynn

Hi Adriana,
Thought I would send you a quick update on Figgy. She's up to 60lbs now but holding steady there. She seems to be at a good weight (she has a good shape and you can feel her ribs). She has calmed down quite a bit now. Everyone loves her. When we go for a walk, only rarely does nobody stop us to ask what kind of dog she is or give her a compliment!
I've attached a picture of her on her new favorite peach - our coffee table - not exactly our favorite though. ;-)
Hope all is well with you and your family,

Hi Adriana,
Now two years old, Dash has grown into a very handsome boy. And the twinkle in his eye says it all!
I hope all is well with you and your family,

Hi Adriana,
I hope all is well with you.
Just wanted to give you a little update on Leo and to tell you that he is doing amazingly well. He had his vet visit last week and has doubled in size. He is now 15 lbs, very energetic, very playful and just the best. He is smart, he picks up quickly and can be somewhat mischievous when it comes to shoes and toilet paper!
He loves to play with other dogs but never ventures too far. He sleeps in his kennel and I have had no issues with the kennel. He has some accidents in the house but that is normal and I will start trying to train him on the bells hanging from the door this weekend. He is a hit with everyone and the star of my building in Ottawa. I get so many comments and get asked all the time where he is from. I know a colleague of mine contacted you and that was totally by coincidence as I had not yet given her your email contact info. I have not seen her since last week, so I do not know what she has decided to do.
Thanks very much and I have included a recent picture of Leo. When he is quiet, this is where I can find him....in the laundry basket snoozing!
Take care,

Maya LOVES to eat grass!! We had a great weekend with her!!

Hi Adriana,
I hope you are your family enjoyed the holidays. Stanley is 5 months. He is doing well and continues to learn our rules. He had a field day with our Christmas tree. He is very smart and loves attention and going for walks.
If you have any recent shots of any of his siblings we would love to see them. Stanley is approx. 40lbs now, and I am curious how big the others are.
Looking forward to hearing from you,


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